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As a successful engineering company, Waltonen has established a work environment that relies on communication, collaboration and inputs from members of our team for successful project completion. Our offices are set up without cubicle walls to encourage the collaboration between teammates. We are ISO9001-2008 compliant and our processes encourage a systems approach to program management. Employees have input throughout the program and are key contributors. To insure participation by team members, Waltonen has an open door policy with management. This allows the team to assess the process and provide recommendations for continuous improvement for each step of the program.

To foster team building, Waltonen understands that there is more to work than just doing your job. As the team meets and participates in non-work related activities, the team becomes stronger and more adapt to the open communications. Just some of the activities include:

  • Waltonen Softball Team
  • Waltonen Kick Ball Team
  • Annual Holiday Celebrations
  • Monthly Employee Birthday Cake Celebrations
  • Picnic Lunch for the Detroit Tiger’s Opening Day
  • Quarterly Team Building Activities

If you think you would like to be part of our team, go to Job Openings to see what positions are open, and where you can contribute to our team.

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