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Waltonen Engineering, Inc. celebrates its 60th Anniversary by continuing the practices that got it there: adjusting to the times and adopting new technology in order to deliver the highest quality engineering solutions to the Detroit area’s diverse customer base

Waltonen began in 1957 as a conventional tool design company, part of a highly competitive market of more than 80 such businesses supporting Detroit automakers. Over the years, that number has tumbled, but Waltonen has prospered and thrived, becoming one of the few original remaining American-owned, private engineering firms in the area. By diversifying its markets, engaging in forward thinking, investing in the latest technologies, and offering new services, Waltonen has continually expanded its abilities to meet the needs of its customers. Today, Waltonen supports the automotive, transportation, aerospace, medical and defense markets as well as consumer product industries in a virtual engineering environment with 3D design, quality engineering, modeling & simulation, and professional services. If you want to make it, Waltonen can design the line to do so. The cornerstone of Waltonen's success consists of three elements: long-standing relationships with both its clients and its employees, complete product development lifecycle support, and a variety of innovative custom services. Its expertise with an emphasis on design, manufacturing systems, and advanced engineering makes Waltonen an engineering leader and ideal partner.

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