Waltonen Automotive Industry


Since our first automotive program in 1957, Waltonen has been providing engineered solutions tailored to our customer’s needs. Although the tools of the trade have changed, the outcomes have not. We pride ourselves on solving problems efficiently and effectively and providing solutions that maximizes the customer’s outputs.

Waltonen has consistently updated our hardware, software and facilities to be a leader in technology integration. Gone are the drafting boards and triangles replaced by powerful computers and software packages that enable our engineers to achieve results unheard of just a few years ago. Waltonen has:

  • Over 300 computer workstations
  • Over 500 CAD/CAM/CAE Software licenses
  • High speed data transfer
  • Multiple TeamCenter applications
  • Complete in-house IT department

Supporting the complete lifecycle of the automobile Waltonen has seamlessly integrated technology and reliable engineering practices for

  • Product design
  • Quality engineering
  • Dimensional engineering
  • Manufacturing engineering
  • Plant layout
  • Robotic simulation
  • Manufacturing optimization
  • Data management

We use modeling and simulation to verify and validate the designs, layout manufacturing plant floors, and program robotic assembly lines sitting at a computer workstation. Not that long ago, no one would have imagined an entire assembly line processed, designed, programmed, and validated on a computer screen prior to a single tool being cut or welded. Now Waltonen does this daily!

Contact Waltonen and let us show you the power that we bring to your automotive program.

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