Waltonen Energy Industry


The energy sector is feeling the effects of emerging global markets industrialization.  The increased demands for power, the exploration, recovery, refinement, storage and distribution infrastructure of oil and natural gas around the globe is trending upwards.   Waltonen is here to support the engineering requirements for your product.

The demand for energy and concern for sustainability continues to increase.  Energy suppliers look to recover more form their current processes and look towards renewable resources.  Wind, solar and geothermal energy sources are in their infancy, and energy companies are working to develop and mature the technology to levels that are support the demand. With the gas and oil markets, companies are working to increase efficiency in drilling, transporting and refining raw material to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Waltonen is the right partner for the development and manufacturing of energy systems in all of these areas.  Utilizing our model, simulation and analysis tools, our multi-industry proven processes and highly trained and skilled work force, we are able to identify and solve issues virtually in 3D CAD/CAM/CAE environment.  This provides solutions while still in the design and planning stages, well before the plant floor or field usage.  We take a systemic approach to engineering by developing the designs, assembly processes and sequences simultaneously with the manufacturing tooling and machinery.  This approach allows us help you to deliver your product to market faster and with less risk and rework costs.

Waltonen leverages its knowledge of the unique demands of low, medium and high volume manufacturing, to meet the challenges of our clients to bring their product to market successfully and with the quality their customers demand. Our investment in technology, recognition of market trends, and our highly skilled staff gives us the ability to lead the product development cycle at the earliest stages. This allows Waltonen to add value to your product development life cycle from a very early stage.  We carry that value all the way to the plant floor in production by helping to develop world class lean, robust, efficient and high quality manufacturing systems for our clients.  From the beginning to end of your project, Waltonen has the passion, commitment, ability and tools to help you be successful.

Areas of Expertise:

Design Engineering & Manufacturing:

  • Tooling & Fixtures
  • Gages
  • Drill Jigs
  • Assembly Jigs
  • Templates
  • Operator Work Platforms
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Standard Library Development
  • Standardized Design Packages & Criteria
  • Holding Jigs
  • Prototype & FTV Tooling
  • Production Tooling
  • Master Tooling
  • Flexible Tooling Systems
  • Lay up Mandrel Tooling
  • Composite Tooling
  • Test Stands

Manufacturing Systems:

  • Facilities Planning
  • Plant Layout
  • Process Flow Analysis
  • Manufacturing Optimization
  • Work Cell Optimization
  • Line Balancing
  • Assembly Process Development & Validation
  • Robotic Systems
  • Operator Work Instructions
  • Tooling Installation and Integration

Quality Engineering:

  • Dimensional Engineering
  • Variation Simulation Analysis
  • 3D Scanning
  • Laser Tracking & Certification
  • Human Ergonomics Studies
  • Dimensional Build Strategies
  • Quality Controls Plans
  • Supplier Audits
  • Measurement Plans
  • Supplier Quality Support
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Re-Engineering
  • DFM/DFA Consultation
  • PPAP Support
  • Tooling Repeatability Studies
  • First Article Inspection & Support
  • GD&T Consultation
  • GD&T Development & Application
  • GD&T Training
  • Dimensional Engineering Training
  • Variation Reduction Support

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