Waltonen Services

Technical Data Packages

Waltonen has completed numerous Technical Data Packages (TDPs) for our customers in various industries including Defense and Aerospace. These packages were consistently completed on time and within budget to the specific customer required level.

Technical data packages created by Waltonen provide a full product description (including product-related life-cycle processes) that support an acquisition strategy, or the implementation, production, engineering, and logistics support phases of the product life cycle. Waltonen will provide complete customer support by ensuring that the delivered TDP includes accurate and complete:

  • Design Configuration
  • Product Performance
  • Drawings
  • Associated Lists
  • Specifications
  • Key Product Characteristics
  • Design Descriptions
  • Design Databases
  • Standards Performance Requirements
  • Quality Assurance Provisions
  • Packaging Details
  • Materials Requirements
  • Fabrication & Manufacturing Requirements

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