Waltonen Services

Design Build & Integration

Assembly Equipment - Sub Assemblies, Component Assembly and Final Assembly Systems – Automated or Manual

Automated Systems - Body in White, Chassis and Frame Welding Systems

Prototype and Production Tooling - Forming, Clinching, Piercing and Welding

Test Equipment - Durability, Quality, Conform-Ability

Welding Systems - Laser, Mig, Tig, Spot, Projection, Stud and Friction Welding

Transfer Equipment - Conveyors, Electrified Monorail, Robot, Shuttle, Trolley, Walking Beam


  • Process Validation
  • Installation Supervision
  • Installation Support
  • Production Support
  • Documentation
  • Systems Training
  • Field Service
  • Tool Reliability Studies
Waltonen Design Build and Integration Waltonen Design Build and Integration

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